PT. Sahabat Mitra Strategis
Our company was founded on March 11, 2015, starting with a consulting service in the agribusiness sector. Starting from our sense of concern for Indonesia’s abundant nature and diversity of useful raw materials, if processed properly and wisely, it will not only prosper the Indonesian people but also advance Indonesia’s economic development. At the time of the corona outbreak, we supported local governments in procuring medical equipment, procuring sugar and working directly with farmers to provide superior rice seeds, assisting Cooperatives for Coffee, Spices and other farmers agribusiness So that by joining forces with entrepreneurs and producers who trust us, this will indirectly help market needs to remain sustainable.
Production in a year Coffee, Spices, Sago (Flour, Rice, Noodles, Pasta, etc), and others Already exported to Italy, Turki, Mesir, USA, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore
Address/ Alamat
Jakarta Selatan, JL.Cyber 2 Tower ,18th Floor - H.R. Rasuna Said Blok X-5, Kav. 13 Jakarta Selatan - Indonesia 12950
Contact/ Kontak
: 02157938902
: 628121211172
: sahabatmitrastrategis.com/home
Product/ Produk
Coffee, Spices, Sago (Flour, Rice, Noodles, Pasta, etc), and others